InsideMT Provides Web and Media Production for Coalition406

Coalition406 is an effort to place and pass an initiative on the November 2020 ballot to legalize and tax marijuana in Montana to support healthcare, education, jobs, and much needed infrastructure.

Montana is geographically expansive while only having  a million people under that Big Sky. The population is predominantly concentrated in a few urban centers with small rural communities sprinkled throughout the vast areas between. Because of this, a campaign connecting people in all of the legislative districts is a complex communication challenge.

With the marijuana topic being an easy trigger for most social media and traditional platform’s strict prohibition on cannabis advertisements, a careful approach is needed to keep the Coalition406 campaign in good standing with those media channels. There will certainly be anti-marijuana crusaders and other agitators  who will report any and all posts or advertisements or try to confuse the message. Closely following the user agreements and advertising guidelines of social platforms will be essential.

The Coalition406 campaign leans heavily on quality, easily shareable content. Utilizing local influencers and promoting public discussion has shown to be very effective in Montana. Content marketing and direct email to seed public discussion with talking points and premium, on-message content will help fuel engagement.

The production of regular quality copy, video, news, press releases, stakeholder meetings, statements from public officials, testimonies, and other on-message content will be essential. Quality pro-message content will be curated and promoted through social platforms.

The campaign is fueled by closely managed, demographic and geographically targeted advertisements through YouTube, GoogleAds, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and Twitter.