InsideMT is a production company in the heart of Montana with a passion for our beautiful state. We deliver immersive marketing using cutting-edge technologies to help influence tourism and promote small business.

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Our Team

Tim Lewis

Tim started InsideMT in 2012 to bring photorealistic, virtual reality solutions to Montana. He brought with him a decade of experience in design, geographic information science, web development, and image production. With a B.S. in Geography and in the final stages of an M.S. in Technical Communication, Tim focuses on creating fantastic content and engaging user experiences.

AJ Puckett

Allan (AJ) is a creative developer producing 360° content for InsideMT. While he enjoys toying around with video, he loves making music. A man of many talents, AJ is a musician with an eye for art. Not only does he rock the guitar, but he can draw and color the most intricate patterns too! Most of the background music you hear on InsideMT videos are made by AJ.

Julia Quigley

Julia has a business management degree from Montana Tech and specializes in small business marketing strategy. Her business, Market Hook, delivers research reports, social media insights, and branding development. Project management is her specialty, she especially loves the challenges of entrepreneurship.

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